Welcome to The Habit of Health!

Here we will be looking at and exploring one simple (yet broad) habit:


A  habit that will address a key area in ones well being. whether it be nutrition choices, exercise routines, a fun hobby, or as simple as a tip to get you on the right path. We will look at the different ways a healthy lifestyle can be achieved simply, and effectively.

Learning and maintaining a healthy lifestyle starts with habits. To quote the great Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu :

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

So lets take that step and begin our journey to a healthy lifestyle. Come with me and we will begin walking down the path to a greater well being, one habit at a time.


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As a young boy, I lived with my father in Long Beach, California. He would cook for me every night.
ON MONDAYS my father would cook fish, rice, and vegetables. ON TUESDAYS my father would cook fish, rice, and vegetables. ON WEDNESDAYS my father would cook fish, rice, and vegetables. I think you know where this is going…

Don’ get me wrong I loved my fathers cooking, and every night my mouth would water with delight as I prepared for another delicious plate of fish, rice, and vegetables. As I grew up my dietary horizons expanded, as did my fathers.

When I reached high school my father bought a wok. Fish wasn’t the only thing on the menu anymore. My father would cook delicious stir fry, including plethoras of colorful veggies, savory meats, and mouthwatering sauces. I was hooked…

One evening my father wasn’t home. But I was hungry. I decided to try and emulate my father in the kitchen. I failed miserably. But. I did not stop cooking.

From that day on I’ve kept at it in the kitchen. I developed a major interest in nutrition and health and paired that with my love of the kitchen.

Today I combine my love of health, exercise, cooking, and general wellbeing to my life every day.

I’m more than delighted to share my knowledge with you to help you apply it your life too.

Why I want to help people

I think everyone has an inherent curiosity in health

I also believe this inherent curiosity is often times smothered. Whether it be financial reasons, time, convenience, or comfort. People can fall victim to bad health.

But, I also believe people can reverse this.

Changing a few dietary and exercise habits in one’s life can lead to exponential health results.

What you do with your body and what you put into your body are the foundational cornerstones of which your health is directly related.

And at the foundation of your diet is food and exercise.

Food should make you celebrate! Not feel guilty.

Exercise should invigorate! Not cause stress.

I want to help you change your perception of food and exercise. Show you what I know and reveal the path to a healthier you.


I want to show you the alternatives.

In today’s fast food, sedentary world finding alternatives can be hard. Fast food offers the consumer many advantages. Being sedentary is dangerously comfortable.

Eating poorly and resorting to fast food and quick snacks are often plausible alternatives to eating healthy, I know. Cost, convenience, and taste are usually the concern.

But it is possible to find that elsewhere. And the best part is, your body will feel and look great from these alternatives.

Not exercising is often times because of rough (and I mean rough) schedules. Work, family, commuting, errands, etc. all play critical roles in the diminishment of physical activity. But there are ways to fit it in. Exercising consistently also provides you with a newfound reserve of energy. As well as a slimmer, healthier you. 3 things most people wouldn’t mind having.

Food should be celebrated!

Exercise should be looked forward too!

Come with me and let’s start the path to a better, healthier, you.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ian Scott

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